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Where are Goodman® brand heating and cooling products assembled?

Located just outside of Houston, Texas, the 4.2M square feet Daikin Texas Technology Park brings together Goodman’s manufacturing, engineering, logistics, and customer support under one, very large roof.

The facility, the largest HVAC building in the U.S.A., was designed from the ground up to encourage collaboration and innovation. Product innovations can be quickly tested, implemented into manufacturing processes, assembled and distributed across North America. With multiple departments in one location, Goodman strives to provide improved efficiency, quality, communication and delivery to proactively meet the needs of our customers.

Suite 500, 5151 San Felipe
Houston, TX 77056
19001 Kermier Road
Waller, TX 77484
18988 Kickapoo Road
Waller, TX 77484
19001 Kermier Road
Waller, TX 77484
4518 Brittmoore Road
Houston, TX 77041